Introducing Metaphysical Healing in Albuquerque.

Body Potions Emporium, Inc. 

We are a metaphysical healing center located in Albuquerque NM. If you are looking for energy massage in Albuquerque, cranial sacral, reiki, or meditative massage in Albuquerque check out Body Potions Emporium, Inc. and book a metaphysical massage with Ellen.

Body Potions Emporium, Inc. also offers a one of a kind Sports Massage in Albuquerque. Our Sports Massage Services in Albuquerque are designed to increase your range of motion and invigorate your mind, body and spirit; using a Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak and Essential Oils carefully selected to awaken your senses. You don't need to be an athlete to get a sports massage.

Check out our website: Body Potions Emporium, Inc.


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