Senior Citizens Benefiting From Massage in Albuquerque

Clothed Tea Massage Therapy at Body Potions Emporium, Inc.
…and How it Benefits Senior Citizens

As most people are aware Massage Therapy is a brilliant way to relax; but you may not be aware that therapeutic massage has been shown to decrease stress in the body and lessen the negative effects of repetitive range of motion,  lack of body motion, depression and inflammation.
The benefits of Tea Massage Therapy for seniors are vast. But because everyone’s attention span isn’t, Body Potions Emporium has put together a list of the top 5 benefits Senior Citizens in Albuquerque can expect when getting a Tea Massage at Body Potions Emporium, Inc.
Top 5 Benefits of Tea Massage Therapy for Senior Citizens In Albuquerque.

1.     Increased Blood Circulation – Good circulation can become a difficult problem to deal with as we all age. Massage therapy really helps the blood circulate and move within the body…with real time differences felt within your extremities such as your hands, feet, legs, arms ect.” For instance those who suffer from symptoms of Neuropathy see vast improvements when getting treated regularly at Body Potions Emporium.

2.     Increased Range Of Motion – As we age, we generally become less active and so our muscles harden and get tighter. Our muscles have what is called muscle memory. With muscle memory if you are constantly in a seated position or doing the same repetitive motions you can lose full range of motion. Tea Massage at Body Potions Emporium helps to soften muscles and other tissues by increasing blood flow to the areas and ultimately reducing overall muscle tension by passively stretching your extremities into their full range. We do this very slowly as we understand some seniors have not been able to reach full range of motion in years.

3.     Provides Human Contact and Feelings of Comfort – Senior Citizens in Albuquerque can benefit from massage therapy because it can produce feelings of caring comfort and provide human connection. Many seniors are touch-deprived due to the loss of a spouse or lack of close family and friends. The touch from a professional massage therapist can provide a feeling of human connection. During a Tea Massage at Body Potions Emporium, Inc. each client is also served an herbal loose leave tea some help with arthritis and some help with depression and some just taste good. The environment at Body Potions Emporium is set up to make each client feel at home relaxed and free to socialize or completely drift away.

4.     Resets the Nervous System – Massage helps to balance the autonomic nervous system. Massage relaxes the muscles and helps to re-establish proper tonus through its effect on the neuromuscular reflex pathways. Research has continually supported that claim. Resetting the Nervous System helps balance and produce hormones within the body, including serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones).

5.      Improves sleep – The relaxation benefit of Tea Massage at Body Potions Emporium, Inc. extends well beyond the massage table. Getting a good night sleep is important and massage therapy in general has proven to improve the ability to receive quality sleep. When clients get a Tea Massage we also offer aromatherapy and complementary tea designed to help them relax and sleep more deeply if that is something they struggle with.


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