Optimal Living (Post One)

“Optimal Living”

The Human Body is the vessel in which one’s spirit uses as a vehicle to live their life in the physical reality. The body provides nourishment to the mind and spirit and it is important that we give it the attention it needs and not abuse it.

Most of us walk around doing our day to day tasks and don’t take into account what our external environment is doing to our bodies. Nor do we even think about the internal environment we are creating with every chemical we place in our bodies.

As amazing as our bodies are they can easily be bogged down with toxins and destructive chemicals. There is a very simple truth to the old saying “We are what we eat.”

Let’s explore that just a little bit more though. It is important to note that its not just the act of eating that helps to create what our physical bodies are made of but it is the act of consuming. The act of consuming includes drinking a glass of water to smelling a beautiful flower…it can even include reading or watching something for hours.

The word consumption means to use or take up as a resource. In the case of our physical body we use our five major senses to consume resources that help us live in our physical reality. Everything on this planet can either be a resource that supports life or it can be a destructive resource which breaks down and destroys life.

Once you approach your life with the realization of this very real duality that surrounds us all; it can be easier to determine what things in your life need to be changed to improve your overall quality of life.

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